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Shri Prernamurti Shri Bharti Shriji in her early childhood.....


Born on 15th of December, 1974 at Ahmedabad in Gujarat India, Shri Bharti Shriji is not only  M.Com graduate in the worldly sense, but Master of Life and beyond.


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“Inke gyan ki divya vani se sadiyo se agyan ki nidra me soya hua jeev gyan ki karvate lene lagta hai”

Shri Shriji’s teachings on yagnana, on devotion, on religion, on character, on self-Realization on Expansion of Self & we find She speaks as none other did speak nor could anyone speak Any idea, any problem any common thought, having been touched by  ‘SHRIJI’ appears in a new form changed by the mysterious effects of her inner soul. Her personality is the beacon-light of freedom & liberty; she has achieved a spiritual insight & a serenity of knowledge worthy of India’s greatest spiritual teachers.Before illuminating the world outside, first enlighten your inner soul. Do self-analysis and become a master of your mind and thoughts. Else wise, you wouldn’t be liberated from the bondage of this world and cycle of birth and death.
“Enlighten thyself” Casement is for light and not for waste.
Senses are to elevate, not to fascinate.
Life is for success & not for failure,
Each moment is for altruism & not to squander.

Life is not meant to be ruined in thoughts of sorrow, grief and misery. Rather, beyond these horizons, life should be lived with self confidence, determination, courage, enthusiasm, faith and love. These divine qualities should be manifested within us to realize the supreme bliss in this human birth.


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